Physical Exam

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Physical Exam

You don’t have to be sick to schedule a physical exam. The team of expert providers at Plantation Urgent Care Center offers comprehensive physical exams to people of all ages in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Use the walk-in services today or schedule a physical exam online using this website or by phone. 

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam? 

During a physical, your provider assesses your complete health. They identify any underlying acute or chronic physical conditions or mental health concerns and provide you with tools to maintain or improve your health and well-being. 

You don’t need to have symptoms or be sick to schedule a physical exam. Plantation Urgent Care Center recommends a yearly physical as a preventive measure. That helps you identify health conditions early on and avoid future costly treatments. 

Some jobs require physical exams before beginning employment. Your child’s preschool, daycare, elementary school, or college may require a physical, and you should communicate their specific requirements during your child’s visit. 

What happens during a physical exam? 

During a physical exam, your provider may: 

  • Discuss your family’s medical history 
  • Ask about any known allergies 
  • Note what medications you take 
  • Discuss useful information from your primary care provider or specialists 
  • Discuss your symptoms or concerns 
  • Take your vitals (respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure) 
  • Check your weight
  • Check your skin 
  • Conduct a head, chest, and abdomen exam 
  • Examine ears, eyes, throat, and nose 
  • Conduct a vision check 
  • Perform a mental health evaluation 
  • Evaluate joints, strength, and flexibility (for school sports)

Your provider may also administer vaccinations or immunizations.  

Does a physical exam include tests or screenings?

Your provider may encourage a metabolic panel or a complete blood count to help them diagnose an underlying health condition. Plantation Urgent Care Center offers convenient lab testing in-house.

For children, your provider may do a high cholesterol, anemia, or tuberculosis screening. 

Your provider may perform additional tests if you or your child is at increased risk for cancer, heart conditions, or thyroid issues. 

Men may undergo a testicular and hernia exam and a prostate cancer screening. Women may have preventive screenings like mammograms, pap smears, pelvic exams, or osteoporosis screening.

If you’re sexually active, you can also request an STI screening panel. 

Your provider may educate children on personal hygiene, substance abuse, and healthy lifestyle decisions, or let them privately communicate any concerns.

Utilize Plantation Urgent Care Center’s walk-in service for your physical exam today, or schedule an appointment online or by phone.